Frequently Asked Questions for Arizona Realtors

You can simply send an email or text with the following information: The address of your listing. The timeline for your listing (when it needs to go live). Information about accessing the property or the owners info to coordinate an appointment. Anything else you think I should know. Please put the address in the subject line of your email. Please, ALWAYS include an address in your inquiry.

Turn-around time is typically 24-48 hours from the time of the photo shoot for real estate listings. There are rarely circumstances that would extend this time but as you know, expect the unexpected (equimpent failure, accidents, etc.) A.K.A. things that are out of our control. The time for commercial shoots (non real estate listings) varies by the scope of the job.

As an agent, you will have a timeline for each listing with your “go live” date. As soon as you have this information, get in touch with me. There should be no reason to wait to contact me to get on my schedule. This should be one of the first things you discuss with your sellers because this is the most important piece of your marketing materials.

Every project is different and may require a custom quote. Please contact me for pricing and I will try to accommodate your needs in the best way possible.

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, 10:30am until twilight. The time for twilight changes throughout the year. We will discuss this when scheduling our appointment.

Yes, but nothing beats a home being “photo-ready.” Please do your best to have your client’s property ready to go before I arrive. You may want to visit a tougher property a week before to give them a punch list so that they have a clear idea of what it will take to get things looking their best. It would also help to show up prior to my arrival to make sure the home is ready for the shoot. That being said, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool I have at my disposal. If there are special Photoshop requests, please do your best to bring them to my attention before the shoot so that we are making the best use of our time.

As an agent, you know what looks presentable. Less is more, tidy and clean etc. Use common sense; how do you want to present your listing to the world? Or better yet ask yourself, “what type of impression am I leaving with potential clients when they see how I present my past and current listings?”

In general, about 8 images per 1000 SF + 10 or so for the exterior. For example, a 2000 SF home usually takes about 26 or so images to tell the story. The point of the images is to get people to come look at the property. So, more does not always equal better. Larger more expensive homes do not follow this formula. Keep it simple; quality over quantity.

You will not necessarily need to be present during the shoot but I will need access to the property. That could mean meeting me at the property, leaving a contractors lockbox on the property for me, or coordinating an appointment with your clients if they occupy the property.

Roughly, I will need about 45 minutes for every 1000 SF. However, each home is different and this could vary. Please do not schedule other home-services or showings while the property is being photographed.

Of course! I use professional lighting at EVERY PROPERTY. Do not worry about lights, I bring my own!

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is a process that sounds more fantastic than it really is. HDR is better suited for newer photographers who need a stepping stone to strobe light photography. This process is easy to teach and inexpensive which is why companies that employ multiple photographers use it. The goal with HDR is to use the lighting that exists in the home to create an image that is evenly lit by using software to merge multiple exposures together. When this happens, the results are inconsistent and often a surreal representation of the space being photographed. HDR is not a “bad” thing but, I prefer to have control over the outcome of my images and will not leave that up to the light bulbs in the home. What happens when the utilities are turned off, or a room simply has no lights?

I use professional full-frame Nikon cameras and off-camera strobe lighting equipment. My workhorses are a few wide angle and tilt/shift lenses to get the best composition of any space. I also employ the latest and greatest software to process my images including Adobe professional editing software.

I cover a large chunk of the East Valley including; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Superior, and Globe. I am based in Gold Canyon. Please inquire about areas outside of these areas.

If it is cloudy out, I will replace coudy skies with blue skies on the exterior images. It looks real. If the clouds are blocking a mountain view, you will need to reschedule if that is important to your listing. Please be cognizant of the weather and give me as much warning as possible. I will not cancel because of weather so please do not wait for me.

I accept payment in the form of major credit cards or PayPal. I accept checks made out to me personally or cash at the time of the shoot, in person only. I will not accept checks in the mail. I invoice after images are delivered but can accept payment at the time of the shoot as well.

All images belong to me under the US Copyright Act of 1976. Images can be used for the life of the listing as well as re-listing the property that has been off the market for any amount of time by the same agent. Images can also be used for marketing materials for the purpose of promoting the sale of a property. Images cannot be used in future marketing materials to promote the agent or their business unless first discussed with me. I can provide licensing for images used for purposes outside of marketing listings. Images cannot be sold to another agent or the like. More info about Copyright law:

Yes! And they are great for flyers and medium-sized ads as well. If you need a higher resolution for other marketing, for example: a magazine cover, full page ad, larger brochure, etc., contact me for specific needs. Files are in jpeg format but can be converted to .png, .tiff, .pdf, and more.

I use Dropbox and WeTransfer to deliver files.

Maybe. I’m not concerned with lights being on because I bring my own lighting. However, if it’s July and the high is 115 degrees out, I need some A/C to be on.

Absolutely. Please let me know your needs for the listing ahead of time so I can format the files accordingly. VRBO requires a file dimension that does not agree with the MLS.

Absolutely! Do not hesitate to reach out through email or phone to inquire. Email: Phone: 732-735-8133

No problem! Do not hesitate to reach out through email or phone to request special services. Email: Phone: 732-735-8133